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Ronald Maxell Segel, Jeannine's dad, writes limericks
that will have you in stiches. 

Here are a few to make you laugh:

There was the oddest bloke
Who had a bath in Coke
He licked himself dry
And with a little cry
He exploded in a cloud of smoke.

There was a silly old whale
Who went to a bargain sale
He bought a coat
On which he wrote
“In case I get caught in a gale.”

There was a lady of Lenz
who had 4000 hens
she gathered the eggs
and sold ‘em in kegs
she now drives a Mercedes Benz.

jeannine davidoff is a published poet. Read and enjoy what jeannine davidoff has to offer in words and thoughts. 

die wolke word swart
    en vol water
       tot hulle bars
            met donder en

ek staan in die reen
       van die storm

                      ek lag
                      ek huil
                      ek dans

deur die storms
van die lewe

the clouds
        become black
             and full of water
                  they burst
                      with thunder and

i stand in the
      rain of the storm
            soaking wet

                 i laugh
                 i cry
                 i dance

through the storms
of life

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