Today sees the launch of a new blog called Mandala Colouring Daily. 

The purpose of the blog is to give you access to the fun and creativity of colouring in a mandala in your own unique way.

Later today I will be posting a free download of an original blank hand drawn mandala for you to colour.

The first 1000th person to sign up will get a free life time subscription to this blog.

The first eight mandalas will be Free! 

You can get a monthly subscription for $10 per month. Stay tuned.

Sign up now!

jeannine davidoff art blog is updated frequently and is linked to my Etsy shop. if you see anything you like on jeannine davidoff that is not yet available on Etsy please drop me a mail or use the contact button on this page.
Companion planting tracks my progress in the garden and helps provide solutions for organic gardeners. Companion planting helps keep your garden thriving by combining plants that help each other grow and keep insects at bay. There are two publications on companion planting.

The South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide contains over 150 vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. Companion Planting contains more detail on how to cultivate and companion plant forty of the most common garden vegetable and herbs.

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